Pregnancy at 48 Naturally, Safely, and Effectively


Getting pregnant at the age of 48 can be puzzling and seemingly impossible. But as long as a woman still has her periods and is still ovulating, she has the chance to get pregnant at any age. So even if you are already at your advanced maternal stage, don`t despair because there are ways on how to get pregnant at 48 with or without the aid of surgery or drugs.

For women who have problems conceiving, here are natural ways on how to get pregnant at 48 by taking control of your health and fertility:

- Nourish your body with antioxidants. Antioxidant formulas assist in repairing free radical damages as well as help in reversing cellular aging. These are important factors to improve the quality of egg cells and keep reproductive organs healthy and youthful. This is one of the basic things you need to know on how to get pregnant at 48.`

- Nurture your diet with fruits and vegetables. These are primary sources of vitamins and minerals needed for reproduction. Consider taking fresh fruits and vegetables over preserved ones as the former contain denser nutrients. Always watch out your diet to make sure that your body is still fit to conceive a child.

- Detoxify. Constant exposure to pollution catalyzes the aging process. At 48, you have had longer exposure to toxic wastes and therefore needs detoxification to eliminate the elements that can hinder conception. This will also help strengthen your body organs and stay fit.

- Having balanced hormones is also an effective way on how to get pregnant at 48. This can be achieved by taking fertility herbal remedies that help chances of conceiving. But be sure to consult a fertility specialist before taking in any medication.

- Reduce stress. It is scientifically proven that stress can cause and aggravate health problems and can hinder getting pregnant especially at 48. This is because the hormonal balance is disrupted and ovulation is deterred. Waiting to successfully conceive can really be distressing, but if you concentrate on the anxiety you may only get farther from your goal. Take meditation classes if possible to alleviate the stress.

- Healthy life. This means regular exercise, healthy diet and getting rid of harmful vices such as alcohol, smoking and unsafe drugs.

Undeniably, for women over 40 years old, there could be more than one problem on how to get pregnant at 48 and therefore they have to be more cautious than the younger moms. Health conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids, or blocked fallopian tube should not be disregarded. Discuss these matters to your physician to find out how to get pregnant at 48 and at the same time mitigate the risks that could be associated with advanced maternal stage pregnancy.

Being able to remove the impediments to getting pregnant will resolve your problem on how to get pregnant at 48. The rule of the thumb is to try for natural ways first before undergoing medications or other complicated methods.

A great self-help book on this is the Pregnancy Miracle. It specially caters for women of older age group to get pregnant. In fact, its author was 43 when she gave birth to her first child. Older women became pregnant as well using the same method that Pregnancy Miracle is teaching. You can choose to take advantage of this system or spend years doing trials and errors