Getting Helpful Tips from the Net


If you and your partner are excited to have a baby, you simply need to access the Internet to equip you with the basic information. The Internet has been flooded with relevant recommendations on how to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

There is a greater chance for you to conceive a baby if you and your partner are both healthy and young. However, if you want to make sure a faster progress on your conception and you want to enhance your fertility, the following discussion details some tips you can use on how to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

Get Pregnant

- Be healthy. Your heath is a very important factor on how to get pregnant and stay pregnant. Stop smoking if ever you do. Smoking will significantly harm your fertility. Don`t drink alcohol as well since this causes ovulation disorders. Stay fit but over-exercising is not recommended. Doing this will only make your endorphins over sensitive. The endorphin is important being the body chemical that interferes with the hormones responsible to signal your body to ovulate.

- Eat right. Be careful what you ingest when you want to conceive. Caffeine is said to decrease fertility so better lessen if you can`t stop taking it. You should also take folic acid supplements and other prenatal vitamins. Folic acid helps to guard your body against a very severe neurological birth defect.

- Visit doctor. One of the best ways to know how to get pregnant and stay pregnant is to talk with your physician. He can advise if the medicines you are taking can impair fertility. It will be better if you will have a gynecological exam along with your regular check-up.

Stay Pregnant

Your effort should not stop when you are finally pregnant. Getting pregnant is just a start of another challenge—staying pregnant. You should take the recommendations stated below in order to stay pregnant:

- Be still. Take a bed rest for at least two weeks. The purpose of this is to help the baby to get nuzzled in your embryo. If you are working and you cannot file a leave easily, then simply take it easy. No heavy physical activities at this stage, please.

- Folic acid. The intake of folic acid is very important both on how to get pregnant and stay pregnant. So when you are already pregnant, you can keep eating spinach and banana for your snack instead of junk foods. These vegetable and fruit can give you a natural folic acid. Through this, you can give your developing baby a healthy environment inside you.

- Ask your physician about baby aspirin. You can significantly avoid miscarriage by taking baby aspirin since this is very useful in keeping the embryo attached to the uterus.

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